Alphacat Izbella has Ego to Burn

Alphacat Izbella
Alphacat Izbella
Alphacat Izbella Surveys Her Territory with Pride


Alphacat Izbella, has a very strong sense of self and holds much pride in the power she holds over her fellow cats. She enjoys bullying the other two cats ( me and Terri) and instilling fear on a regular basis. For instance, her favorite spots tend to be next to doorways so that she can monitor and harass us coming in or out of the door. It sucks for us, but this makes her cat ego very happy, of course.

The funny thing is that while she has a huuuuge ego that errs on the side of mean, its also seriously fragile, just like any human with an overblown ego. Anything she can’t control or doesn’t recognize is Scary. If it breaths and is about her size she will attack it. However, if it doesn’t breath or is bigger, she will run and hide.

Thus Vacuum is the ultimate moderator, if she ever gets out of hand. The humans just roll it out and she’ll high tail it in record time! Terri and me have even learned to appreciate Vacuum for its Izbella vanquishing talents and are no longer afraid of it like the Mighty Alphacat. Quite the dichotomy, but true.

Do you have an Alphacat? What’s their achilles heel!?


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