A Cat Guide to the Holidays ( Boxes n Leftovers!)

Dis Box Me Rightful Holiday Plunder - Back Off!!

Dis Box Me Rightful Holiday Plunder – Back Off!!

During the Holidays, you humans really do go a little crazy and it’s a trying time for us cats. We try to ignore you rushing about, cleaning, moving furniture, inviting in trees, hanging those maddening blinking lights, gesticulating over your screens and acting generally odd. But it’s not easy. It’s just a phase, we old ones tell the young. They will emerge from this and return to normal (as normal as humans can be anyway). So worry not and look out for all the Leftovers.

Yes! The Leftovers!

The Leftovers are Our Highlight of this particularly stressful time of year and every cat will Demand their Due, lest you humans forget. Oh yes, hopelessly flawed human servants, this is the only way we survive your crazy Holiday whims. Leftover Boxes are our precious sanctuaries; Leftover wrapping is our needed distraction; and, Leftover food is the salve that numbs the open wound of too much human craziness.

So Do Not Forsake Your Kitty in Their Time of Need – Share Your Leftovers!! Be Generous (it is after all the “Season of Giving”), assuage your cats ego, and you shall be rewarded with purrs and exemplary behavior! Be stingy and you might find your shoes converted to litter boxes! It’s only fair, O crazy humans! 

So if you want a Happy Holiday Home, including your cats, you will heed our call for Leftovers – or else!

You have been warned.


The Cats

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