Holiday Shopping List: Cat Stuff

Where’s My Present, HuMom!!?? 

Oh, joy, it’s that time of year again! You humans are deep in your screens madly looking for all the best deals. Or maybe you are braving the mall in a last ditch effort to get that perfect whatsit for Gramma. No matter. There is one rule you Must follow or your Holiday is bound to fail!

Don’t Forget the Cats!

Sure we’ll be happy to take all your cast off boxes and discarded wrapping paper (soooo crinkly!!), but no one likes to be forgotten when it come to presents. And that includes your cats! So put on your thinking caps and consult with your furry buddy.

What cat thing or cat stuff would give them a good warm fuzzy this year? A little play mouse with catnip or maybe an interactive feather wand? Does your cat have any of their own furniture? If not, there you go! Give your fur companion the gift of ownership – their very own cat tower or cat cubby – and they’ll love you forever! Whatever it is your kitty likes, get that.

Just don’t forget your cat(s) this Holiday Season. Seriously!  Do you want a vengeful kitty pooping under the tree? I didn’t think so. Meow get back to you screen and start shopping for Kitty!


The Cats

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