Cats R Green.

Saving the world, one box at a time.

As a hooman, you are responsible for your actions and how these affect the rest of the world. This is why we only carry products that can be reused or recycled, after your kitty is done with them.

Green is the color of hope. Let’s create a better future by embracing our collective home and rejecting practices that lead to its destruction.



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Back in 2011, we thought that while there were plenty of cat shops around, none of them stood firmly for animals, beyond window dressing.

One evening, while being entertained by Isabella, one of own own cats, who was shredding an empty toy box, we started playing with the idea that cats were master recyclers. Too bad that they made our place look like a dump. We definitely prefer picking up toys, and not vacuuming bits of chewed cardboard from all over the house.

Eventually, my wife and I laughed because we realized that cat toys were mainly meant for humans, in order to make our cats even cuter, without having to vacuum twice a day.

Isabella quickly gained interest in the toys, after the box was gone, and until now, she keeps a wide collection of cat toys in a large basket, and picks them up whenever she wants to play with them.

We wish that she would put her toys back in the basket.

A guy can dream, right?



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