America on Trial – Shock n Naw

Watching the Impeachment trial
Watching the Impeachment trial
Some of the Senators are taking this more seriously than others…

Senators – Serious People or Circus Clowns!?

Some Senators seen to think this is a joke. Not laughing! You aren’t that funny. Do you need a posse of angry humans to attempt to assassinate all of you before you take this seriously?

Oh wait, that already happened.

Republicans – Grow a pair! Don’t be lemmings or you are sure to be devoured by history (I’ll help!). In fact I guarantee right meow that if you continue to act like clowns and lemmings, history will remember you as only the disgusting entrails of a monster. And I’ll happily gobble you down with barely a thought when that monster inevitably crashes and burns to the ground. Yum!

Country over Party. This is what that means. Senators – do your duty. Or I’ll be there to bite you in the dark like your conscience for the rest of your days.

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