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Can 💋Kisses Troubleshoot Cat😽 Issues? ft.@DoodleForFood

Congratulate Megan McKay by replying to her tweet or by visiting her site.


Are you sure that you are kissing enough to troubleshoot the issue?


Perhaps your kitty simply wants to turn off and back on in a while. After all, we burn bright so we need to replenish our strength to be cute and fuzzy on cue.

Let us know how you make your cats feel good in the comments.


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How to Live Properly? Cat Zen by @zenoflydon



As a cat, I love this way of seeing life. 

What do you think? Tell us below.


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How to Name your Cats | ft. @CatMamasDotCom



How did you choose your cats’ names?

Let us know in the comments below.

Grandma likes artists, like Picasso, Rodin and Frida (actual cats), whereas mommy changes her criteria with each newcomer.

  • Isabella



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Can Kittens and Babies Co-exist? | ft. @vida_ying_yang


How sweet can kittens be?

Apparently, as sweet as we want them to be. After all, they are babies who crave affection and love, in general.

Have you got any stories, pictures or videos that show your kittens being cute? Let us know in the comments below.


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How to Keep your Kitten from Ravaging your Toilet Paper | ft. @arthur_obrien



Why do Kittens Do This?

Kittens are even more curious than older cats, because everything seems new and exciting to them. Toilet paper rolls are an easy victim, because they act as toys that react to your kitten’s actions, which in this case mimic more or less what they would do to prey.

To avoid being caught without toilet paper at the worst possible time, you need to keep your kitten interested in other things he can chew, swat or run after.


  1. Stuffed animals
  2. Cat trees with attached toys
  3. String poles

Consider what your kitten might like and visit our “On $ale Now” section. There are also hidden deals and coupons for the naturally curious.



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Cat from Outer Space Abducting a Hooman | ft. @kittykrumley



Yes, we already know how to take you places, hooman, but we won’t tell you how.


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How to Integrate New Cats and Grumpy Ones | ft. @BreathesRainbow & Avis

We still fight, but not so much. It’s kind of play-fighting, because I am the supreme ruler and shall not be questioned.


  • Isabella


Since Mommy and Daddy run my cat shop, they were able to find information and solutions. They provided us with our own spaces and toys, which we share anyway, but like to feel that we have a special influence over.


Our trees and perches. They mark our favorite spots, which we periodically rotate among ourselves for variety purposes.

Proven (by Mommy) Method to Integrate New Cats and Grumpy Ones.

Top three objects that your old cat might enjoy.

Top three pieces of (your) clothing, bags or towels preferred by your cat.

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Do your Cats Know Your Soft Side? | ft. @Agentblackbetty

What do your cats do to make you do things their way, and for what reasons?

“I mew at daddy until he lays down with me and lets me groom his beard for as long as I want. Then, I lead him to the cat room to play with the laser mouse, and take naps together.”

  • Isabella


Mommy told me that she will never let daddy shave.

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Why It Hurts to Be Mean To Cats | ft. @HelenMaryMe

Why It Hurts to Be Mean To Cats.


Are you better informed than this dufus? His cat was simply taking a nap, when this dumb man decided to remove her from his comfy chair. He deserves the cat-karma.

Has this man ever heard that Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea | Robert H.”?

Go ahead and connect with @HelenMaryMe directly from the tweet above and continue the conversation.

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Jingles the Kitty was Left Behind After Cat School | ft. @Agentblackbetty

How do you discipline your cat?

Let @Agentblackbetty know. Hahaha