Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

What he do today?
What he do today?
Really need my fix, man!

An Ode to Orange

When the Orange One flew off in his mighty copter and saluted (no one) one last time, I began to have a nagging feeling. A sort of low rumble beneath the JOY. Something like an itch where you can’t reach. I rolled on my back a lot that day. In my exuberant celebration, sure, but I was also trying to scratch something I couldn’t find. It’s been only getting worse since. And today I figured out what it was. I am mourning the loss of frequent scheudenfreud and daily belly laughs due to Trump being, well, Trump. It’s a loss I am happy to bear, but maybe every now and then he could raise his ugly head and bleat out something hilariously inane. You know, just for kicks.

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