The Importance of Cat Stuff for the Cat Ego

Mine, mine, mine!! (Thank u Meowmy!)

Is your cat depressed or badly behaved? Do they do things that make you wonder why you even got them (the Horrors of a vengeful cat!)? Well, you are not alone and help is available!

Give your cat the security they deserve. 

Cats can be cute and fun, but we can also be a pain in the you know what. Why? Because we are Divas! No, actually, we only Want What We Want When We Want it. Kind of like you humans. And when life is lacking we aren’t going to be polite about it. We’re cats. We demand respect!

So if you have a misbehaving or unhappy cat, ask yourself – have I given them enough respect?

Do they have their own places to eat, rest, hide and play? And no, I don’t mean the kitchen and your bed. I mean do they have their own bowls, or toys, or their own kitty bed, cubby hole or cat tower? If you answered no – that’s the problem. Cats need to OWN for the sake of their own self esteem and ego.

A cat without ownership is a cat without security.

Without that, your cat might as well check into the funny farm, because a cat that feels insecure is dangerous. They will scratch and bite and hide and ambush and leave little brown or yellow deposits in horrible places. You really don’t want that!

Instead you should make sure to give them the gift of Ownership. It’s a gift that in the end will pay you back over and over in purrs and nose kisses. And of course, you get the gift and joy of having a Happy Cat!

May your cat shopping list be long!


The Cats

Holiday Shopping List: Cat Stuff

Where’s My Present, HuMom!!?? 

Oh, joy, it’s that time of year again! You humans are deep in your screens madly looking for all the best deals. Or maybe you are braving the mall in a last ditch effort to get that perfect whatsit for Gramma. No matter. There is one rule you Must follow or your Holiday is bound to fail!

Don’t Forget the Cats!

Sure we’ll be happy to take all your cast off boxes and discarded wrapping paper (soooo crinkly!!), but no one likes to be forgotten when it come to presents. And that includes your cats! So put on your thinking caps and consult with your furry buddy.

What cat thing or cat stuff would give them a good warm fuzzy this year? A little play mouse with catnip or maybe an interactive feather wand? Does your cat have any of their own furniture? If not, there you go! Give your fur companion the gift of ownership – their very own cat tower or cat cubby – and they’ll love you forever! Whatever it is your kitty likes, get that.

Just don’t forget your cat(s) this Holiday Season. Seriously!  Do you want a vengeful kitty pooping under the tree? I didn’t think so. Meow get back to you screen and start shopping for Kitty!


The Cats

A Cat Guide to the Holidays ( Boxes n Leftovers!)

Dis Box Me Rightful Holiday Plunder – Back Off!!

During the Holidays, you humans really do go a little crazy and it’s a trying time for us cats. We try to ignore you rushing about, cleaning, moving furniture, inviting in trees, hanging those maddening blinking lights, gesticulating over your screens and acting generally odd. But it’s not easy. It’s just a phase, we old ones tell the young. They will emerge from this and return to normal (as normal as humans can be anyway). So worry not and look out for all the Leftovers.

Yes! The Leftovers!

The Leftovers are Our Highlight of this particularly stressful time of year and every cat will Demand their Due, lest you humans forget. Oh yes, hopelessly flawed human servants, this is the only way we survive your crazy Holiday whims. Leftover Boxes are our precious sanctuaries; Leftover wrapping is our needed distraction; and, Leftover food is the salve that numbs the open wound of too much human craziness.

So Do Not Forsake Your Kitty in Their Time of Need – Share Your Leftovers!! Be Generous (it is after all the “Season of Giving”), assuage your cats ego, and you shall be rewarded with purrs and exemplary behavior! Be stingy and you might find your shoes converted to litter boxes! It’s only fair, O crazy humans! 

So if you want a Happy Holiday Home, including your cats, you will heed our call for Leftovers – or else!

You have been warned.


The Cats

Break Out The Catnip n Toys, It’s Friday!!

Cat with catnip cat toy
Is Friday, Time For Me Catnip n Toys Meowmy!!


It’s been a long trying week and everyone has been stressed, especially us cats. We can tell when our humans are not happy or nervous and it makes us feel about the same. Uncertainty sucks! But hey, the week is ending and Caturday is on the horizon.

You know what this calls for? CATNIP FOR ALL!! I declare by Special Decree that all Catnip in the US shall be shared with our nervous humans so that they might chillax n have some fun. It might not help (Meowmy sez maybe if it’s Human Catnip? IDK), but oh boy would it be fun to watch the humans try it!! Me can Help them consume it too!



Alphacat Izbella has Ego to Burn

Alphacat Izbella
Alphacat Izbella Surveys Her Territory with Pride


Alphacat Izbella, has a very strong sense of self and holds much pride in the power she holds over her fellow cats. She enjoys bullying the other two cats ( me and Terri) and instilling fear on a regular basis. For instance, her favorite spots tend to be next to doorways so that she can monitor and harass us coming in or out of the door. It sucks for us, but this makes her cat ego very happy, of course.

The funny thing is that while she has a huuuuge ego that errs on the side of mean, its also seriously fragile, just like any human with an overblown ego. Anything she can’t control or doesn’t recognize is Scary. If it breaths and is about her size she will attack it. However, if it doesn’t breath or is bigger, she will run and hide.

Thus Vacuum is the ultimate moderator, if she ever gets out of hand. The humans just roll it out and she’ll high tail it in record time! Terri and me have even learned to appreciate Vacuum for its Izbella vanquishing talents and are no longer afraid of it like the Mighty Alphacat. Quite the dichotomy, but true.

Do you have an Alphacat? What’s their achilles heel!?