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A policeman helps a cat to cross the street. Found by @Bubbls9


What do u think of da policeman, hooman?

I thinkz da cat iz hiss superior officer.


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Adopt These Two Kittens in South Georgia | ft. @MacTheGingerCat

Got Cat?

Contact @MacTheGingerCat directly for information on these kittens. Be the lucky hooman who gives them a furever home.


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Do you Know why Cats Dislike Puppies? Found by @nashsnana

Are your cats dog-friendly?

Feel free to visit our featured account, in case she is.



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Flame, the Firefighter Cat | ft. @dodo

 Do you like to watch cool cat movies?

Visit @dodo and find your next favorite.


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What’s your cat-pirate name? | ft. @FelineChairThi1 & @arkantart


What’s your pirate name, cat?

Let Sharky know. You could be named First Mate.


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Do you know what a British Two-Tone is? ft. @4238_449


Do you still think they are tuxedos?

Go ahead and have a fun chat with @4238_449 by clicking on the tweet above.


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Meet Robert Simmons, Savior of Kittens | ft. @_andrewcarter


Have you ever been a Kitten Hero?

Let us know in the comments.  If the answer is NO, go to your nearest shelter and adopt one of us.


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What your cat tells his friends about you | ft. @mrpiku_

Click on picture for the full joke.

Do you still confide in your cat?

Chat with Mr. Piku and enjoy more of their content!


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The leaning tower of pizza is a giant cat scratching post | ft. @FatCatArtRu

Everything in hooman history has a catplanation

Before the Italians built our kind this giant scratcher, Egyptians knew that we were gods.

What other signs of cat dominance do you know?


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Stop, hey, what’s that sound! | ft. @tatl_tail

Are your cats this curious?

Compare notes with @tatl_tail