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Do you know what a British Two-Tone is? ft. @4238_449


Do you still think they are tuxedos?

Go ahead and have a fun chat with @4238_449 by clicking on the tweet above.


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Meet Robert Simmons, Savior of Kittens | ft. @_andrewcarter


Have you ever been a Kitten Hero?

Let us know in the comments.  If the answer is NO, go to your nearest shelter and adopt one of us.


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Cat Quiz (and other pets 😾) by Dr. Karen Becker

Follow Dr. Becker for more.

She rehabilitates wild animals ↓


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A beautiful story of loss, a black cat and his mom | ft. @theproseandthe


How have you dealt with the loss of a beloved cat?

Help another cat person get over the terrible tragedy that is losing a cat. They are great companions, who learn to become an essential part of our lives.



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Soothing Music for Cats (and hoomans) ft. @Thibodeaux32117


Music Calms The Beast, Right?

(I mean you, silly hooman)

It’s been proven that sound can influence someone’s state of mind.


Do your cats like music?



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What’s The Best Pet Insurance? ft. @ThrivingCat

Read Jessica Miller‘s answer to What is the best pet insurance? on Quora



What do you think of this comparison of pet insurance policies?

Help other cat parents protect their fur babies at affordable rates.



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What Would you Do if your Cat Went Missing? ft. @r_marta5299


I know our hoomans would go crazy.

Isabella (calico) and Azeara (rag doll) playing in the cat room.



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How to Identify a Feral Who Has Been Spayed or Neutered? | ft. @carolsferals


Have you ever rescued a cat with a notched ear?

Let us know in the comments below or reply to the tweet, and engage directly with the content creator. I’m sure they would like to know that you are paying attention.



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This is a test of the self-serve Cat Adoptions Sharing Network by Cats R Green.

Prepare to see more of this in the future for the sake of Catkind.

You can self-publish your own adoption notices at