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What’s your cat-pirate name? | ft. @FelineChairThi1 & @arkantart


What’s your pirate name, cat?

Let Sharky know. You could be named First Mate.


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What your cat tells his friends about you | ft. @mrpiku_

Click on picture for the full joke.

Do you still confide in your cat?

Chat with Mr. Piku and enjoy more of their content!


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The leaning tower of pizza is a giant cat scratching post | ft. @FatCatArtRu

Everything in hooman history has a catplanation

Before the Italians built our kind this giant scratcher, Egyptians knew that we were gods.

What other signs of cat dominance do you know?


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Stop, hey, what’s that sound! | ft. @tatl_tail

Are your cats this curious?

Compare notes with @tatl_tail

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Cat schools hooman on the dance floor | ft. @playful_betty

How do you tell your hoomans that you are superior, kitty?

Let us know in the comments. We are always looking for new ways to dominate our hoomans.

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U Want Attention, Hoomans? I can do 3 am | ft. @WinonahJX


We’d love to wake our hoomans in the middle of the night, but they entertain us 24/7, because  mommy is a night owl.

Do your hoomans serve you around the clock?

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Bunny makes black cat lie on top of him, repeatedly | ft. @maxieshep


Animals will continue to defy stereotypes, until there is nobody else left to watch. 

Ask @maxieshep for more details.



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Dancing Kitty. Found by @kimmies_kitties


Visit the link to learn more about this dancing kitty. 


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Watch Black Cat Deal with his Enemy and his Evil Killer Robot: Found at @Schweitzer88





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The Japanese Cat Burglar. ft. @Spiggitzfan


The cat probably owns that 711, but his hooman staff hasn’t been informed by headquarters.

I think it’s cute, and my hoomans would probably take him in, because it would be entertaining for them to see a cat serve his own meals, instead of meowing at odd hours, because the food bowl is empty.

Do you think that those shopkeepers should allow the cat to shop for food?

I believe that it’s an advertising opportunity for the cat’s brand of choice.