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Kitty Teaches Mouse How To Swim ft. @Thibodeaux32117

Thibodeaux is a cute kitty who is very active and is the star in this cat movie.

Do you know how to keep a cat from chewing on everything around them? Let us know in the comments below.




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Tigers Chasing a Drone and Killing it Together

Cats News Network Presents: Tigers Chasing a Drone.

Featuring: @cnn 

Found by: @MeetAnimals


Tigers are just big cats, and like house kitties, they are hunters.


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Man Petting Lion ft. @AMAZlNGNATURE | Found by @renee005

My cousin Leo is a cat, after all.



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Cat and pug friends like to tail-snuggle | ft. @pugandcat

Pugandcat on Twitter:

“The pug and cat fairy-tail is a story of two halves 🐶🐱#pugandcat #pugchat #cat”


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Cat pays her upkeep by cleaning windows | ft. @cutepawsmeow

Cutepawsmeow on Twitter:

“Best window cleaner ever 😹😹😹 *Joy* #catsofinstagram #CatsofTwitter”


Special kitties featured by Cutepawsmeow

They are just as lovely. Adopt one today.

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Karate Kitteh puts big dog to shame | ft. @funnypet5

FUNNY PETS on Twitter:

“#dog #cat #karate #strike 😺Tag your friends!!!”


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A stoner’s kitten was caught stealing a pipe | ft. @granpa420

Grandpa Grows on Twitter: “

He found his Daddy’s catnip stash”*


*Marijuana is unsafe for cats

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Real Life Tom & Jerry | ft @TheComedyHumor

Some cats should be recalled!

‘Tom and Jerry isn’t real’




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Cat Boxing is a Kinder Sport | ft. @TreasuryMog

Why would you ever have hoomans hit each other to entertain other hoomans?

Learn about Cat Boxing!

Cat Boxing is much more entertaining than watching two grown men give each other concussions and black eyes.

Hoomans need to understand that we, cats, rule all media and that these pathetic attempts at removing us from our leadership position are ill-fated.

We cats advocate for peaceful homes, in which there is no pay per view violence by wealthy troglodytes in trunks, with permanent brain damage. After all, we are all the entertainment hoomans need, and are present in every screen you can think of.


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Cat taking the dog home, after a walk | ft. @AMAZlNGNATURE

Cat taking the dog home


Yes, hooman. We cats rule the world.

Your best friend? We will take care of him as well.

We cats know that most dogs don’t have their own litter boxes, and have to go out and put their poop in little bags, which I hope you have. As a cat, I don’t have opposable thumbs, and had to leave dog mementos on the sidewalk, while you were busy.

I heard some neighbors complain about it, after stepping on the mementos, saying “Take that dog out of here!” so I did and brought it home.

Please go down stairs to pickup the dog mementos, after you get out of your own litter box.


Who’s a Good Boy? Me, the Cat.

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