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This kitty woke up surrounded by chicks ft. @viserionrider


What’s the weirdest place your cat’s ever slept in?

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Does your cat relax during bath, like these tigers? ft. @JeanReplein


What do your cats do to relax? 

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Louis the Cat rides Comet the Horse on a road ft. @MinaAndMaya

Does your cat have a friend from another species?

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I will take my breakfast in bed, hooman. ft. @kaoconnor

Does your kitty also save the world by re purposing objects in your house?

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Kitty Riding a Lemon | Found by @r_marta5299


Do you want to share your cat videos?

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Why are Cats Taking Over The World? ft. @GeneralCattis


Are your cats Machiavellian? 

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Can 💋Kisses Troubleshoot Cat😽 Issues? ft.@DoodleForFood

Congratulate Megan McKay by replying to her tweet or by visiting her site.


Are you sure that you are kissing enough to troubleshoot the issue?


Perhaps your kitty simply wants to turn off and back on in a while. After all, we burn bright so we need to replenish our strength to be cute and fuzzy on cue.

Let us know how you make your cats feel good in the comments.


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How to Keep your Kitten from Ravaging your Toilet Paper | ft. @arthur_obrien



Why do Kittens Do This?

Kittens are even more curious than older cats, because everything seems new and exciting to them. Toilet paper rolls are an easy victim, because they act as toys that react to your kitten’s actions, which in this case mimic more or less what they would do to prey.

To avoid being caught without toilet paper at the worst possible time, you need to keep your kitten interested in other things he can chew, swat or run after.


  1. Stuffed animals
  2. Cat trees with attached toys
  3. String poles

Consider what your kitten might like and visit our “On $ale Now” section. There are also hidden deals and coupons for the naturally curious.



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Cat from Outer Space Abducting a Hooman | ft. @kittykrumley



Yes, we already know how to take you places, hooman, but we won’t tell you how.