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Your cat is a healer. Make her purr | ft. @Care2 on Twitter:

“Cat purrs are healthful for humans — they can even help heal bones! Full #infographic”



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Houston man saved three kittens and went back for the mom | ft. @LoveMeowdotcom

Love Meow on Twitter:

“Houston man saved 3 kittens from hurricane and went back to find their cat mama.”


Thank you, kind hooman, for being so good to catkind. You went above and beyond at a time of extreme need.

Without your help, those kittens would have probably drowned. Instead, they are safe and dry.



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Orange cat swims and rescues herself from Hurricane Harvey | ft. @www_news

WorldWide Weird News on Twitter:

“This cat swam out of its home in flooded Texas Harvey”



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Kitten adopts hooman after being rejected by mom | ft @Thorny316

Thorny316 on Twitter:

“Tiny Kitten Rejected by Her Own Mom Finds Love in This Guy… 😺🐈🐾💙

Some ladies are not meant to be moms. Abandoning an adorable kitten should be a punishable crime, even for cat moms.




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Man Turned Down from Adopting Cat for Being Gay

Bigotry in Cat Adoption.


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Happy Black Cats Appreciation Day

Lyns✨ on Twitter:

🖤Black cats are pawsome! Stop by your local shelter,The love they will give you is priceless!❤️ #blackcatappreciationday #AdoptDontShop🐾🐾

Bonus Black Kittens!


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Adopt a Black Cat Now!


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Tomorrow: “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar 8/16 at 2 pm EDT

Alley Cat Allies on Twitter:

“Want to help cats? Don’t miss our “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar this Wednesday, August 16 at 2 pm EDT!


I know, hooman, you need motivation.

Luckily for you, Alley Cat Allies has all the cats you can watch without melting.



Even more motivation?

Ok, here we go. Remember that you can click on any picture and chat directly with Alley Cat Allies.




Help your local ferals.







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Black Kitty for Adoption in NYC. Beginner Rated

CHESTER – A1121425 

**TO BE DESTROYED 08/14/2017** BEGINNER RATED AND ONLY A YEAR OLD….but it may not … 

  • If you want to help, but can’t adopt me, please share this post to help me find a furever home



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Male Yellow Cat for Adoption in Los Angeles

Found by @JanShar44080635

“Howdy! My name is Jack and I am described as a neutered male, yellow Dom…”

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  • If you want to help me, but cannot take me home, please share this post to help me find someone who will.