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Do you know what a British Two-Tone is? ft. @4238_449


Do you still think they are tuxedos?

Go ahead and have a fun chat with @4238_449 by clicking on the tweet above.


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Meet Robert Simmons, Savior of Kittens | ft. @_andrewcarter


Have you ever been a Kitten Hero?

Let us know in the comments.  If the answer is NO, go to your nearest shelter and adopt one of us.


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Cat lady shares her home with 1,100 cats | ft. @purringtonpost

How many more cats do you need, hooman?



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Pride of lions eats whole group of poachers



What about you, hooman?





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Cat Adopts Abandoned Lynx | Found by @mbar1956

Love is always the answer.

Reach out to Barbara G, and thank her for this beautiful image. Hopefully, people will learn from this.


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The Cat and Fox are Fuzzy Friends, Not a Pub. Found by @ellenbreen94

Have you seen a cat warm up to a wild animal before?

Leave your reply below.

via GIPHY | Hoomans are the most dangerous animals of all. However, these sweet kitties are teaching this man how to love.

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The Japanese Cat Burglar. ft. @Spiggitzfan


The cat probably owns that 711, but his hooman staff hasn’t been informed by headquarters.

I think it’s cute, and my hoomans would probably take him in, because it would be entertaining for them to see a cat serve his own meals, instead of meowing at odd hours, because the food bowl is empty.

Do you think that those shopkeepers should allow the cat to shop for food?

I believe that it’s an advertising opportunity for the cat’s brand of choice.




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Man plays piano for his rescued cats. Found by @zbleumoon


Do you have a talent that your cat enjoys?

Let us know in the comments below.



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Could these boys save the kitten from falling? Found by @Agentblackbetty

Have you seen children being kind to kittens lately?

Leave a reply below.



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Firefighters bring kitty back from death


Do you have a story about hoomans saving kitties?

Let us know in the comments.