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Engineer Builds AI-Powered Sprinkler System to Keep Cats Off His Lawn | ft. @SnapMunk

SnapMunk on Twitter:

“#Engineer Builds AI-Powered #Sprinkler System to Keep #Cats Off His #Lawn”

This dumb hooman does not understand the benefits of responsible cat ownership. He just had to adopt us and kept us inside.

Bonus Cats from SnapMunk.


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Is your cat endangering birds in your area? | ft @MyCatCan

New study reveals that cats are the main culprits for the decline of some bird species in America, and that the impact of feral colonies might be much more severe than previously thought.


Keep us cats indoor, or in an enclosure that keeps us from altering the eco system in your neighborhood, unless you want to get rid of pesky garden snakes, and give the job of hunting for mice to your kitties.

Being a responsible cat owner is your responsibility. Act accordingly.

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Are Cat Haters Science Deniers? ft. @mumu_kittiehump

Fusspot Bossypants on Twitter:

“@Barbi_Twins Backed by science


Studies and repeated owner observations have found that cats are loving creatures, in their own terms. However, these feelings about felines could be caused by their mind-controlling abilities.


Instructions for Cat Haters.

  1. Read this article
  2. Adopt a cat
    • Start with our suggestions



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Cat survival story: Kitty goes blind in a pet store, but finds a loving furever home

The Dodo on Twitter:

“This cat went blind from getting sick in a pet store — but she was rescued and now she’s obsessed with her family 😻

  • Original cat movie below


Extras from @MoetBlindCat



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Cats Are The Guardians Of Civilization

@Barbi_Twins on Twitter:

“Cats are misunderstood, yet history proves killing cats causes deadly plagues from rat problem-Cats save civilization


You are welcome, hoomans!



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Common Plants That Will Poison Your Cat

LTC Batman #RIPMarie on Twitter:

“@fluffybasil @hugo4de @MoetBlindCat @kenobe_wan @SassyCassyCat @lathomas_lynne @vroberts9 @TheCatMalice @flashjumpingjak @TigerNoStripes Continued #toxic4cats”

Thanks to our fuzzy friends for sharing this on Twitter, so that we can all stay safe and happy at home.



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What to Feed Your Cat? ft. @lathomas_lynne

Do you need a quick reference to feed us, hooman?

I lost too many furiends 😿, no more 💔! I want all my furiends to see this ! Many NEW foods been added to the list 🙀Show Staff.

Found by: @lathomas_lynne




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Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat

What are the major benefits of adopting a senior cat?

  1. Many senior cats already know how to be pets
  2. Senior cats are less likely to wreak havoc than kittens
  3. What you see is what you get



We had to share this article with a few extra words from us, which would not fit in a tweet. Thanks @purringtonpost for sharing this content on Twitter.

It’s important to know that, in case you are in denial, we will all become old. It’s just biology, and doesn’t mean that we are worth any less.

It’s the same with cats, and rejection feels as bad to them as it does to us. Being crammed in cages after being abandoned, and surrounded by strangers is a prison sentence, which in many cases causes depression.

Many of these wonderful and otherwise loving cats are killed if they are not adopted soon.


Why is it a Big Deal?


Imagine how you would feel if you were unable to take care of yourself, your life and happiness depended on your caregiver, and this person banished for reasons beyond your control, such as death or illness. Chances are that you would be either thrown out of put in a shelter, away from everything that you love, for ever.

Fortunately, many people adopt senior cats because they know the benefits described above, or they lack the stamina and patience to raise kittens. Senior cats are generally mellower and, if they have been adopted before, they are very likely to successfully integrate into your home, whether or not you have more cats and other pets.

We have two senior girls, whom we love and care for. They have been with us long enough that it’s almost as if we spoke to each other. We know how they feel just by looking at them, and they can perceive this of us as well.

There are few things more comforting when you are in pain than a friend, never mind how furry. Senior cats already know how to be one, please reciprocate.



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