Fun and Games with Wall Street

Wall street watching Gamestop Explode
OMG! WTF!!!!! Nooooooooo! So much for my $trillion bonus…

Its all fun and games until the stock market crashes!

Wall Street doesn’t control the market, in spite of their constant shenanigans manipulating it. About time some regular folks show them what’s what. We support the Reddit Traders and the freedom of every person to invest and make/lose money just like a hedgefund. Robinhood can just eat worms! On the other hand, I’ll eat those, they can have the dirt.

Seriously though, I hope this leads to some REGULATION of Wall Streets’ Casino behavior. Because the stock market is NOT a game, and playing it like one – whether you’re a hedge fund or a day trader – only wrecks havoc on the Global Economy and everyone’s income.

So, yeah, my two cents. Meow, back to licking myself all over before a nice cozy nap.

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