Gorilla Glue Hair – Superior Hold!

New Hair Style
Me tried new Gorilla Glue Hair trend. Works good! What you think?

Permanent Hairdos Have Arrived – Never Brush Again!

So today some poor girl posted on Tiktok that she had used GLUE on her hair by accident instead of hairspray. Much laughter and pointing ensued. Then those with too much time filled up Twitter with responses and advice. Some exclaimed that her hair “looked cute” and why wouldn’t you want hair to lay so well forever?

Having fur instead of hair, I can’t answer this universal query; but I can posit that Glued hair (or fur) could theoretically become a new art form. Why not? It’s strong enough for furniture, right? So why not glue furniture to your hair? Mobile cat trees on Kitty’s back? Well if we had a dog it might make more sense, but alas we do not, but who said the internet or life should make sense anymore!? Not me.

Behold: a cat with a cat tree on her head. Seems perfect for the Age of Fake News. I most certainly approve. If only I could climb on it and wear it too…

( P.s. no cats or cat trees were harmed for this theoretical discussion or fictional photo – please don’t message me about cat cruelty. We would never.)

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