do cats have egos


Is Cat Cosplay something your cats and you do?

Playing with cats and cat clothes is always fun, especially when you have to stay indoors. We are always looking for new high quality kitty costumes that you will love.

Entertaining a cat after you have been at home for long can be challenging, but entertaining both your cats and yourself can be a daunting experience. In this case, there is a costume with your cat’s name on it.

Are You an Experienced Cat Parent?

Experienced cat parents know that their kitties have specific tastes, and will only approve objects and human behavior they feel comfortable with. Experienced cat parents also know how to convince their fuzzy ones so that they don’t reject food, toys or affection, for example.

If you are a new cat parent, however, you will find that there are many wonderful things to discover about your new fuzzy companions, that makes most problems seem almost irrelevant.

How to choose the right cat clothes?

Cat Cosplay is a human’s way to keep playing with dolls as an adult. Cats, however, are not always willing to play the part, and you should look for signs of discomfort in your cat, after dressing them up.

How does discomfort look like?

Discomfort generally looks like rejection, often presented as either elevated aggressiveness or completely withdrawing from the situation. It’s important that you keep an eye on your kitties’ level of comfort, because it will determine their happiness, mood and overall health.

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