Kitties think of cat furniture as attractions or rides, which we get especially for them. They are right to think this way, because all those trees, tunnels and scratchers exist only because of them.

Your home (or your cat’s as she probably thinks) needs kitty spaces that are for your fuzzy ones only, which they can mark with their scent and claws. It’s very important for cats to feel that they own the spot so that they remain confident and happy, with a well-fed ego.

Cats need assurances.

Kitties need to feel that they belong somewhere, or rather that somewhere belongs to them. Cat furniture lets humans create wholesome habitats for their cats without much effort. However, it’s important for cat parents to remember that each kitty in their household must be able to claim some real estate, whether this is a tree, a tunnel or a perch.

Cat Furniture Saves Human Furniture.

Your cats will scratch and shed on things, it’s what they do. If they don’t have their own surfaces to mark, rest assured that they will mark yours, and you will end up with torn curtains, couches and chairs. Perhaps your cats will even scratch the surface of an irreplaceable dinning table.

Not all cat furniture will work out for you.

Your cat is unique, and her taste is as well. This is why so many cats end up inside the boxes that contained their fancy new beds, instead of using those fancy new cat beds as you intended.

Some clues.

Choose new cat furniture based on where and how your cat spends the most time: up high, on the floor, scratching, swatting toys, etc.

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