cat brush


The best cat grooming supplies are those that your cat chooses. Much study and care go into researching better ways of keeping cats healthy while looking their best.

As you may have noticed, your cats are beauty freaks. They groom, groom and then groom some more. At least most cats, reflecting what we said before. All cats are unique when it comes to their grooming preferences.

How does your cat like to be petted?

Long strokes on top of the bed, for example, may be your cat’s favorite setting for exchanging affection with you. Be mindful not to betray the trust of your kitty and pull a mat while they are purring and letting themselves be vulnerable and unsuspecting victims of what they would perceive as treason, and an uncalled attack on them.

Cat grooming supplies are often a visible signal to them that they are about to experience some level of discomfort. At least, this is what we can deduct from our experience and point of view, as the owners of two high-maintenance long hair cats.

Prepare the settings and make the grooming process predictable.

You may want take your kitty (or kitties) to a bathroom when you want to groom them so that you don’t have too much trouble picking up fur and bits of nails. It also helps to have a source of warm water for spot cleaning.

You may try to adjust the temperature, lighting and sound inside the grooming room to reduce the grooming-related stress.

A happy ending with a treat, baby talk and affection may help your cat tolerate the next grooming session, over time. Patience is key.

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