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What are the best cat toys for your kitties? You are probably weary of buying great toys, only to see your cats choose the boxes that contained the toys instead.

Look at the bright side.

Cats are curious. That shiny new box will fall out of grace sooner or later, and It will also be an eye sore. When this happens, you can introduce the new toys while your kitties are more likely to welcome a new toy (when they are bored).

Don’t feel too bad if your kitty doesn’t want a toy right away. They will come around… eventually.

Knowing your cat.

Knowing your cat is the better way to predict whether some cat toys will be their new favorite thing in the whole world. This happens more often than you think, at least until the kitties change their minds. Give cats some toys to choose from, and put them in a box or basket so that they can decide.

Observe changes in mood and behavior.

What makes your kitties playful can give you an idea of how to introduce new toys. Is it motion, light, sound, smell or a combination of all? Learn to read your cats so that you are not disappointed by their reactions to your presents.

How to reactivate old cat toys?

There will come a time when your cats will lose interest in their toys. When this happens, put them away for a few weeks and then re-gift the cat toys to your kitties, after spraying or rubbing them with catnip.

If you buy toys from us, we will send you a little catnip for free.

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