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Are Cat Haters Science Deniers? ft. @mumu_kittiehump

Fusspot Bossypants on Twitter:

“@Barbi_Twins Backed by science


Studies and repeated owner observations have found that cats are loving creatures, in their own terms. However, these feelings about felines could be caused by their mind-controlling abilities.


Instructions for Cat Haters.

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Happy Black Cats Appreciation Day

Lyns✨ on Twitter:

🖤Black cats are pawsome! Stop by your local shelter,The love they will give you is priceless!❤️ #blackcatappreciationday #AdoptDontShop🐾🐾

Bonus Black Kittens!


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Adopt a Black Cat Now!


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Cat survival story: Kitty goes blind in a pet store, but finds a loving furever home

The Dodo on Twitter:

“This cat went blind from getting sick in a pet store — but she was rescued and now she’s obsessed with her family 😻

  • Original cat movie below


Extras from @MoetBlindCat



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Black Kitty for Adoption in NYC. Beginner Rated

CHESTER – A1121425 

**TO BE DESTROYED 08/14/2017** BEGINNER RATED AND ONLY A YEAR OLD….but it may not … 

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Male Yellow Cat for Adoption in Los Angeles

Found by @JanShar44080635

“Howdy! My name is Jack and I am described as a neutered male, yellow Dom…”

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Adopt a Black Cat in NYC. Apply Within

Brenda P. Williamson on Twitter:




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Adoption Required NY | Apply Within

“This sweet baby girl is one of the cats Abby and I take care of.

She is shy at first, but once she opens up to you, you will instantly fall in love with her. She does have a scared eye but it does not effect her sight one bit. If you are interested in adopting her go to and fill out an application. She really needs a home. ❤”

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This sweet baby girl is one of the cats Abby and I take care of. She is shy at first, but once she opens up to you, you…

Posted by Christine Zwirblis-Mcvicker on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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😔 CAT PSA 😔 I am about to DIE on International Cat Day, in NYC

Must Love Cats NYC on Twitter:

“RT TO BE KILLED 8/8/17”

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Senior cat gets adopted for advertising in the shelter

Senior cat gets adopted


Read below for a cat-story based on the article, as described by a cat.

Senior  Cat-ospondent, Azeara, here.


I’m gonna tell you about my buddy Sienna and Old Cat Adoption. Sienna is a senior cat like me. She’s a Big beautiful thirteen year old tuxedo kitty with long black and white fur. Not as beautiful as myself, of course, but she’s quite cute. Actually, she would scare the bejeezus out of me if she were ever to corner me in some dark… Wait What was I saying? Oh, yes. She’s also very fit and sharp. Not as smart as Isabella, but pretty smart.

These days Sienna’s life is pretty darn good. But for a while there life was downright depressing for Sienna, because after thirteen wonderful years her person had died. Sienna was all alone in the world and she was very sad and very lonely at Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey. She’d been dumped there by Mommy’s evil relatives, after she died and couldn’t protect her anymore.

She missed her mommy. Her person, a very good human who had treated Sienna right, was all she thought about.

Sienna had had it good before. Cat Heaven. Big soft pillows and lots of sunny spots, slow moving cool hands stroking her and giving her treats, and always kisses. Sweet kisses she would ask for with a raised paw. Her life had been one long sweet lazy summer filled with endless love and attention. And she’d been a good sweet loving kitty, never a whine or a hiss. All was perfection.

Report continues after

Tragedy Strikes Sienna!

And then, one morning, suddenly, her person was gone. She’d looked for her, she’d called, but there was no response. No breakfast in her bowl. No scritches on her head. And Death was in the air. Silence. Something was very wrong. She’d found her, still in bed, cold and a little too white.

Sienna sat on Mommy’s chest and tried to warm her, sniffing mom’s lips to feel her breath. But there was none. She tried meowing, at first soft, politely asking: Mommy? Wake up please. But soon her pleas grew louder, more alarmed: please MOMMY I’m hungry. Pleeaaase Mommy I’m getting scared. Wake up! Pet me!


Maybe this was a test, Sienna thought. She meowed sweetly, “ I’ll be your good sweet kitty?” Purring and snuggling under Mommy’s chin didn’t work either.

Was Mommy mad at Sienna? Had she been forsaken?


Sienna started meowing desperately. Please Ma! Ma! Maaaaaaaa! Why wasn’t she moving or breathing? Something was starting to smell… that awful wonderful smell of freshly rotting meat, just waiting to be eaten. No. Mommy? Meow? Sienna sniffed her mom again. She was the rotting meat.

Ok, no. I know what you’re thinking (🍴) , but no. She didn’t. Of course there were very disturbing and confusing feelings. Feelings Sienna fought, even as her tummy rumbled between her and the meat. But she’d sat there, slept there. She’d guarded her person. Her meat.

She didn’t know what else to do.

Betrayal ! 🕵

Then the other people came. At first she’d been relieved. Over joyed really. And they did feed her. But there was no affection, though she’d made sure to “own” them immediately. They didn’t seem to understand. In fact they treated her like a dumb animal and didn’t even have the courtesy to say “hello” before they grabbed her and stuffed her into that scary box with a handle.

She’d tried to object. She’d screamed and for the first time in her life hissed like she really meant it and then tried to scratch and bite a human. She’d been so scared, so shocked. So mortified. Everything she’d known was swept away, her last view of her only universe was seen through a row of squares, glittering against the darkness as her body swung back and forth in the moving prison.

She was Terrified. Nothing made sense.

And then they’d brought her to Tabby’s Place and left her in a warm room with many cat cells, but no other cats. It was lonely. And boring. The beds were nice, but the food was horrible. And though some of the people bringing her food would stop to pet her, she grew weary with the lack of attention. Days and weeks went by and the loneliness only grew. Her only hope was that someone would come pet her, even if only for a few minutes. She’d spend hours staring at the large transparent wall, waiting for another human to appear, hoping to be stroked.

Would she ever be kissed again?

So many people looked in at her, but they all had empty eyes and many said “too old” and kept walking. But she tried to be brave. Every time she heard more coming, she’d jump up and dash to the wall so they’d see her waiting. She tried to look extra cute. One day she even put her paw up on the glass and meowed. It seemed to get some attention, so she kept doing it. Every day she ran to the window, looking sadder and of course cuter  ( Not as cute as me, by the way, but… ).

And everyday she’d go to sleep alone in that warm dark room.

Report continues after

Sienna’s Persistence Pays Off.

But then her new person came. She smiled so big when Sienna trotted to the see through wall. And  her paw trick really pleased. So she meowed. And a miracle happened. The lady put her hand on the glass over her paw and looked at her with big squinty eyes, laughing. Her heart almost burst with love and happiness. And her hope grew, to maybe think of kisses and soft pillows, while her heart thumped in her throat.

Frantic when the lady walked away she wondered, can a cat feel suicidal? Well she did. But a little while later, the lady came back. Cooing to her, calming and gentle, she came inside with the food person. Sienna knew something wonderful was about to happen. Then the lady picked her up and cuddled her and Sienna latched on, never to let go. And her new person took her to her new home: to soft pillows and big sun spots, and of course many kisses. All was perfection once more.

See? What a happy ending. Senior cats matter! Hey, we’re already trained. You can put an end to the nightmare and be a Cat Hero.

Adopt a senior pet today! They will thank you in kisses.




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