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The Fragile Cat Ego: Cats Rule — and Don’t You Forget It!


Cat ego and self esteem.

I’m not just blowing smoke, a happy cat is a cat that rules. We cats have egos just like hoomans and how you respond to our behavior can effect a cats lifelong self-esteem and personality. All cats are born thinking we are the Masters of our own Universe. Its best not to correct us as confusion over this can cause lasting low self-esteem issues and acting out. Keep in mind – we are tiny, u are huuuuge, so how u treat us has a big impact.

Good Cat Behavior Means Good Cat Parenting.

Always encourage and praise your cat when they accomplish something or have good behavior. To do this timing is everything. As soon as they do something positive or have a correct response – give positive feedback. This can mean a “good girl” and/or a loving stroke. Negative feedback for bad behavior should be handled calmly, firmly and with timeliness. After the bad behavior it is too late. U must give your feedback when the behavior is happening. And don’t use anger or yelling. A firm, calm “No.” with an open eyed stare should get the message across.

It is also important to observe their reactions to your behavior. Every cat has its own rules, likes and dislikes. Its your job to suss those rules out over the course of your cats life – the sooner the better. Because your cat IS the Master of their own Universe and YOU are just their minion here to serve their needs. If they really like and /or love you, you shall become their person — emphasis on THEIR. If you are so lucky, this is a wondrous privilege. Don’t blow it with ur hooman machinations!

The importance of “cat spots”

Now go imbue your cat with the confidence and self-importance it requires. To do that here’s a hint: we are at our best the more important a part of the family u make us. So make sure u give us our own centrally located cat spots that we can own. It could be a cat designated comfy chair with their cat blanket in the living room or even better a nice cat tree or special cat fur-niture near all the hooman action. Prominently placed cat spots are important. Giving your cat its own spots helps them feel safe and confident as they observe the world around them and also lets them know that they hold a special place in that world forever.