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How to Name your Cats | ft. @CatMamasDotCom



How did you choose your cats’ names?

Let us know in the comments below.

Grandma likes artists, like Picasso, Rodin and Frida (actual cats), whereas mommy changes her criteria with each newcomer.

  • Isabella



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Can Kittens and Babies Co-exist? | ft. @vida_ying_yang


How sweet can kittens be?

Apparently, as sweet as we want them to be. After all, they are babies who crave affection and love, in general.

Have you got any stories, pictures or videos that show your kittens being cute? Let us know in the comments below.


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Man Petting Lion ft. @AMAZlNGNATURE | Found by @renee005

My cousin Leo is a cat, after all.



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Cat and pug friends like to tail-snuggle | ft. @pugandcat

Pugandcat on Twitter:

“The pug and cat fairy-tail is a story of two halves 🐶🐱#pugandcat #pugchat #cat”


More from Pugandcat.


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Houston man saved three kittens and went back for the mom | ft. @LoveMeowdotcom

Love Meow on Twitter:

“Houston man saved 3 kittens from hurricane and went back to find their cat mama.”


Thank you, kind hooman, for being so good to catkind. You went above and beyond at a time of extreme need.

Without your help, those kittens would have probably drowned. Instead, they are safe and dry.




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Kitten adopts hooman after being rejected by mom | ft @Thorny316

Thorny316 on Twitter:

“Tiny Kitten Rejected by Her Own Mom Finds Love in This Guy… 😺🐈🐾💙





Some ladies are not meant to be moms. Abandoning an adorable kitten should be a punishable crime, even for cat moms.





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Ft. Regina Spacola on Twitter: International Cat Day | Cat Pictures and a Movie

Regina Spacola on Twitter: I am cat. Hear me roar! #InternationalCatDay

Several gorgeous cats found in a single thread.

  • Click on the images to access the original content.






  • Happy International Cat Day

    • How will you celebrate?

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

According to at least one cat behaviorist, there are several causes as to why your kitty decides to sleep on your head, and they are very conventional.

1. Our heads release heat.

External sources of heat allow cats to maintain their basal metabolism without much effort, which lets them rest more.


2. Our heads move less than our legs.

This way, your cats expect not to be kicked out of the bed in the middle of their sleep.


3. Our proximity makes cats feel safe.

Cats in the wild also look for safe places, where they be alerted early of intruders.




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How far would you go for the cat of your dreams? 🐱❤️🚗

Bethy Campbell and her husband Casey Pettitt drove from Spokane, WA to Agape Fosters, in Iowa, to rescue Muffin.

Muffin is a gorgeous red tabby, whose previous owner could not keep him anymore.

Ms. Dianna Helmers, founder of Agape Fosters, was so moved by the couple’s four days drive to only pickup their new cat and return, that she prepared a spare room for the couple in her home, and invited them to spend the night. After all, the new family had to drive back home for another four days.

Muffin, the tabby, even cuddled up and watched TV with his new parents in a hotel room, on the way to kitty’s furever home, in Spokane, WA.

It’s great when cat stories have happy endings.


How much would you drive to pickup your dream cat?  

The estimated round trip made by this Spokane couple was 3,500 miles long.

My wife and I would probably go anywhere for the perfect cat. In fact, she loves red tabbies, and it’s possible that she will want one after reading this.

I know how exciting it must have been for them to travel to grow their family. Cats are wonderful companion animals, and it’s normal for people to cave in to their cuteness.

What makes a cat person?

Even some hardened people have a soft side when it comes to these wonderful creatures. It’s almost impossible to say no to them, because of their purrs, fuzzy coats, impossible adorable expressions and actions that lead us to see them as people.

They know how to get to us, and exploit their cuteness to perfection. How could you resist so much sweetness and love? We couldn’t.



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Cat memorial topiaries, because Cats R Ever Green!

There is a cat-movie below, if you prefer that format.



The deaths of our cats are the deaths of some of our loved ones, and they matter. We watch our kitties grow and fill our lives with joy.

These beautiful Photoshop renditions (sad, we know) of a dead Russian Blue in a beautiful garden, are a memorial made by a sad owner, whose dearly departed cat left a void in him, when he passed. The cat’s owner needed to keep his cat’s memory alive, guiding himself by the same principle that drive many cat people to open social accounts for their departed pets: softening the emotional blow produced by the dead of a cat, whom in many cases lived their whole lives with the same people.


The emotional pain produced by the loss of a cat could be devastating to cat people, who rely on their kitties for emotional support.

Watching a creature die, after your watched them grow and fill your life with joy, is devastating to the grieving parents. There are cases of cat people who need therapy to cope with the loss of one of their cats, or worse, their only companion.

How to cope with the loss of your dear cats?

There is a welcoming online community of cat people, from all over the world, who are willing to comfort grieving dead cat parents during the difficult process of mourning. If you want to join these communities, simply follow us on Twitter, and join the conversation. We know quite a few cat people who have lost their kitties and would be caring and understanding, which is critical during your own mourning process.


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