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Cat Quiz (and other pets 😾) by Dr. Karen Becker

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She rehabilitates wild animals ↓


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Man plays piano for his rescued cats. Found by @zbleumoon


Do you have a talent that your cat enjoys?

Let us know in the comments below.



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Could these boys save the kitten from falling? Found by @Agentblackbetty

Have you seen children being kind to kittens lately?

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Firefighters bring kitty back from death


Do you have a story about hoomans saving kitties?

Let us know in the comments.



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The Aleppo CatMan, A War Hero ft. @theAleppoCatman

Even in the face of death and devastation, cat cool prevails.

Reach out to The Aleppo CatMan.



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Soothing Music for Cats (and hoomans) ft. @Thibodeaux32117


Music Calms The Beast, Right?

(I mean you, silly hooman)

It’s been proven that sound can influence someone’s state of mind.


Do your cats like music?



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Brotherly Love Among Black Cats ft. @just2blackcats


Do you live in a multi-cat household?

Tell us how you help your cats get along in the comments.



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What Would you Do if your Cat Went Missing? ft. @r_marta5299


I know our hoomans would go crazy.

Isabella (calico) and Azeara (rag doll) playing in the cat room.



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How to Name your Cats | ft. @CatMamasDotCom



How did you choose your cats’ names?

Let us know in the comments below.

Grandma likes artists, like Picasso, Rodin and Frida (actual cats), whereas mommy changes her criteria with each newcomer.

  • Isabella



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Can Kittens and Babies Co-exist? | ft. @vida_ying_yang


How sweet can kittens be?

Apparently, as sweet as we want them to be. After all, they are babies who crave affection and love, in general.

Have you got any stories, pictures or videos that show your kittens being cute? Let us know in the comments below.