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The Japanese Cat Burglar. ft. @Spiggitzfan


The cat probably owns that 711, but his hooman staff hasn’t been informed by headquarters.

I think it’s cute, and my hoomans would probably take him in, because it would be entertaining for them to see a cat serve his own meals, instead of meowing at odd hours, because the food bowl is empty.

Do you think that those shopkeepers should allow the cat to shop for food?

I believe that it’s an advertising opportunity for the cat’s brand of choice.




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Are Cat Haters Science Deniers? ft. @mumu_kittiehump

Fusspot Bossypants on Twitter:

“@Barbi_Twins Backed by science


Studies and repeated owner observations have found that cats are loving creatures, in their own terms. However, these feelings about felines could be caused by their mind-controlling abilities.


Instructions for Cat Haters.

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