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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday | ft. @blepcats

blepcats on Twitter:

“Not even a tiny bit sure what she was doing Blep via



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Do You Blep?


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How Often?


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Cat enjoys the convenience of her box-side phone to run errands.

Bella Bunnie Pumpkin on Twitter:

“I have been on the longest phone call.



I had a chat with mommy, and told her about the long call I’ve been in…

… I had to call the DMV to register my new car.



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Finally, mommy and I sat down and watched tv. The nightmare was over, and that nice cat stroller was in my driveway.



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The End.




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How to successfully shoot your cats | ft. @ladybuggedhc & @purringtonpost

  • Scroll down for cat-movie example.🐱🎥


Tip # 1





Most cats are not going to pose on cue for a photo. However, sometimes they seem to fool us, and react to cameras by either changing their pose or walking away. Some kitties are really adverse to cameras.

Could we think of camera-shyness as a cat disability?

If we expect cats to be in photos and movies to fill our lives with joy and beauty, yes. Being camera-shy is a cat disability.

Regardless of how camera-shy some kitties are, they are also wonderful creatures, who deserve our love and respect. Chasing them around and forcing them to act or look in a certain way is unlikely to work, because they don’t have a vested interest in our social media shares.

A cat who is camera-shy will only be in movies and photos if some conditions are met.



Tip # 2



You are telling a story about your cat so shoot from their eye level or from below. Cats would probably like the latter angle if they knew it made them look bigger, and sometimes even impressive.



Tip # 3



All photo opportunities are made, because one’s the only person who can accurate decide what’s valuable. Chances are that you are going to discover many great photos, if you discreetly follow your cats around, from a favorable angle.

To make the most of your photo work, use your knowledge about your own cats. Prepare your camera when and where your kitties are most likely to do cute things.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can select the better photos and movies afterwards. Chances are that cat photos and movies won’t look exactly what real life seemed to you.