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Tigers Chasing a Drone and Killing it Together

Cats News Network Presents: Tigers Chasing a Drone.

Featuring: @cnn 

Found by: @MeetAnimals


Tigers are just big cats, and like house kitties, they are hunters.


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Engineer Builds AI-Powered Sprinkler System to Keep Cats Off His Lawn | ft. @SnapMunk

SnapMunk on Twitter:

“#Engineer Builds AI-Powered #Sprinkler System to Keep #Cats Off His #Lawn”

This dumb hooman does not understand the benefits of responsible cat ownership. He just had to adopt us and kept us inside.

Bonus Cats from SnapMunk.


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Is your cat endangering birds in your area? | ft @MyCatCan

New study reveals that cats are the main culprits for the decline of some bird species in America, and that the impact of feral colonies might be much more severe than previously thought.


Keep us cats indoor, or in an enclosure that keeps us from altering the eco system in your neighborhood, unless you want to get rid of pesky garden snakes, and give the job of hunting for mice to your kitties.

Being a responsible cat owner is your responsibility. Act accordingly.


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Are Cat Haters Science Deniers? ft. @mumu_kittiehump

Fusspot Bossypants on Twitter:

“@Barbi_Twins Backed by science


Studies and repeated owner observations have found that cats are loving creatures, in their own terms. However, these feelings about felines could be caused by their mind-controlling abilities.


Instructions for Cat Haters.

  1. Read this article
  2. Adopt a cat
    • Start with our suggestions



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Tomorrow: “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar 8/16 at 2 pm EDT

Alley Cat Allies on Twitter:

“Want to help cats? Don’t miss our “Helping Cats in Your Community” webinar this Wednesday, August 16 at 2 pm EDT!


I know, hooman, you need motivation.

Luckily for you, Alley Cat Allies has all the cats you can watch without melting.



Even more motivation?

Ok, here we go. Remember that you can click on any picture and chat directly with Alley Cat Allies.




Help your local ferals.


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Cats Are The Guardians Of Civilization

@Barbi_Twins on Twitter:

“Cats are misunderstood, yet history proves killing cats causes deadly plagues from rat problem-Cats save civilization


You are welcome, hoomans!




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Trump wants to shrink and/or eliminate marine sanctuaries.

Kamala Harris on Twitter:

“Something you’re not hearing in the news – this Administration is “reviewing” whether to shrink/eliminate some of our marine sanctuaries.”



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