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Don’t Declaw Your Cats | ft. @RadioFreeTom


Would you mind being mutilated for someone else’s convenience?

Learn more about declawing from the Humane Society of the United States.



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Is your cat among those who like baths?


Does your cat like to get in the water? I didn’t think so, but it’s more common than you think, especially in hot climate areas, like Southern California.

Mom has a cat, Cleo, who likes to get in the shower, being lathered, rinsed and dried with a towel. She is also the kind of cat who loves dripping faucets and won’t drink from anywhere else.

Mom has to open the faucet and wait for her to drink, and to refresh herself by sticking her head under the water. This has never caused an accident, but she wouldn’t leave her alone, until she mews and walks away.

Cleo has a long and thick coat of fur that must make her life miserable, unless the air conditioning is working at full capacity.

Try petting your cat during baths.

You can use a brush like these. It would help you to quickly remove loose fur and dirt, while you calm your kitty down with the natural bamboo roller and 40%boar pins.

You will quickly clean and calm kitty down.

Reasons why cats might not like to get wet.

  • Cat coats become heavy when drenched.
  • Chemicals in city water might smell badly to them
  • A drench coat means much self-grooming
  • Cats lose traction in tubs


Don’t do this at home with the sole purpose of making a cat-movie. Causing a bad experience with water is the fastest way to make your cat hate baths, just like a child.



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