Time to Wake Up and Smell the Poop

Tired of all the right wing bullshit
Been sharpening me fangs n claws all night – ready and waiting…

Time to wash out the poop and start clean

Its past time really. Time to stop coddling the reality challenged and speak hard cold truths. Facts, just the facts ma’am. Here they are:

1) We are still in a pandemic, anyone can get it, anyone can die and a new strain is gaining speed. Listen to science – Mask up, Social Distance, Get Vaccinated if allowed!

2) People are out of work through no fault of their own and need help NOW. Pass the stimulus! Too much is better than too little!

3) Climate change is still happening. Still running out of time, still on fire (figuratively speaking). Innovate and conserve!

4) Domestic Terrorists still think Trump won. Catch the bad actors, educate the rest! Maybe we need a Federal Bureau of Facts to fact check the nation?

5) Countries can, should and MUST hold debt and Spend when dealing with a crisis (or 4)! We Must Be Bold! Think outside the box!

We can do this ppl, but it starts with factual agreement. I’m not sure the Red Team is ready for that, so they may need to be on the bench while the grown ups clean this poop up (Bastards!) and get to work!

Do you hear me Democrats!?

Get on it.



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